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There are a variety of industries out there where drones are going to be making a big impact in 2016, and beyond.

You can view the DARTDrones Drone Pilot Training Courses for yourself by clicking here.

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Drone pilots now have a quick and easy way to prepare for their Remote Pilot certificate renewal with the online Drone Pilot Recurrent Test Prep Course from King Schools.This page is the ultimate guide to obtaining your commercial drone license which has been called all sorts of things such as a remote pilot certificate, commercial drone license, drone pilot license, etc.Drone Pilot Ground School recently launched a scholarship to support U.S. high school students who want to become certified commercial drone pilots.GRAND FORKS, N.D. - A growing number of American students are eager to cash in on expected boom market for drone operators after more unmanned aircraft become legal to fly in U.S. airspace, which.

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Their programs have trained over 4,000 pilots from organizations such as the FBI, CBS, ABC, HBO, the.

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Take the quiz at the end of each lecture, plus our 5 full-length practice tests.Authority for a public safety agency to utilize a Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) is right now a complex affair.

Alan is very nice polite and willing to personally walk his students through hard questions.You select that you want to be a drone pilot when you fill out your dream sheet, and if you are selected, you will be trained.A new Federal Aviation Administration FAA Re-authorization bill has been introduced in congress, which is the result of negotiations between House and Senate leaders.As industry trailblazers, we were one of the first to offer UAS training.

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TT Aviation Technology Co. - and their instructors - are part of a new cottage.In this new and emerging industry more and more schools and universities are adding Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) programs to their course selections.

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NRCC is offering a three-credit course in Remote Pilot Ground School for small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS), more commonly referred to as drones, this spring.We provide test questions for you to practice on, every step of the way.

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We have many drone courses and programs taught by experts who actually fly drones for a living.

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BECOME A BETTER UAS PILOT Everything you need to become a FAA certified commercial drone pilot.Not only do agencies require a difficult FAA authorization to fly a Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) under a FAA Certificate of Authorization the pilot qualifications are defined and have strict limitations.I would like to know more about how to become a drone pilot and possibly a drone mechanic.Kennedy International Airport in New York, when the pilot of a commercial aircraft coming in for a landing reported seeing an alleged small recreational drone near his.

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Unfortunately, we did not find sufficient information whether Drone-pilot-school is safe for children or does not look fraudulent.This FAA certification is required for all drone operations, except those that are purely for recreation.

M3 Aerial Productions is a Transport Canada compliant RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) Ground School that provides more than just the basics.

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Attempt anything more adventurous than a gentle nudge of the dual joysticks on its controller-transmitter, and the X1 — which is about as wide as a sheet of printer paper — will dart into the nearest solid object with the zeal of a suicidal, over-caffeinated hummingbird.

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The course includes Over 20 videos, 20 hours of material, over 250 questions and additional FAA resources.


We offer a range of expert and tailored drone pilot training to companies across the globe.

As a Florida Drone Training School, our mission is to provide comprehensive training to governments, corporations and individuals on the proper operation of UAS(Unmanned Aerial Systems), UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and Drones.


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