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I hear this complaint all the time and I have experienced it too.Using the weeder tool, remove the letters from the design so that a stencil of the design is left behind.Because heat transfer vinyl is on the carrier sheet with the adhesive side exposed it must be placed on the cutting mat with the shiny side down and cut in reversed.Section 17B Page 1 Section 17B Cutting Projects Choosing which mat to cut When your project has multiple mats, you can choose which mat you want to cut.Cricut Strong Grip Cutting Mat Start by ironing the stabilizer to the felt.Originally posted this on June 18th, 2008, but I wanted to bring this back up to the top for all my cricut friends.

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Are you wondering why your Cricut mat is too sticky and how to make it less sticky.The cutting mat is essential to success with the Cricut machine.

Cricut cutter machines can handle a range of mat sizes with some machines able to handle 6-inch-by-12-inch mats, whereas other machines can handle up to 12-inch-by-24-inch sizes.Rolling the mat backwards away from the material your cutting (especially paper) will result in a flat and nicely cut project.

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The machines are used for cutting paper, felt, vinyl, fabric and other products such as fondant.

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The first thing to do when cleaning a Cricut Mat is to remove the left the debris and residue that is currently stuck to your mat.Once the Cricut Explore is finished cutting out your design, remove the cutting mat from the machine.If your Silhouette or Cricut mats are getting dirty or are no longer sticky, I will show you how to make your cutting mats like new.Cricut mats are sticky mats that are used in Cricut machines.

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Storing mats standing on end, especially in areas with high heat or high humidity, can be a dangerous game.

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Cutting mats are the sticky plastic sheets used to hold materials as they are being cut by the Cricut Explore.Cutting felt with Cricut is a super and easy way to make your own felt flowers.This is a stronger mat, made especially for use with the Rotary blade (only the Cricut Maker uses this blade).To restick your Cricut Mat, first I use a baby wipe to clean off all the extra debris or tiny pieces of paper already stuck to the mat.Using a Cricut cutting machine is useful when starting your scrapbooking and other artistic endeavors.

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They are perfectly sized to fit into the Cricut Explore machines and come in a couple of different lengths.Afterward, attach the cut vinyl to the cutting mat, in this project you can utilize a 12 by 12 standard grip mat.

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In this blog post you will learn how to tackle this problem fast and easy.Watch the video tutorial and grab the FREE SVG cut file to create DIY poinsettias.You really need it to make sure you get a cut on just about all the materials you will use.To get the most use out of your mat, you need to create a barrier between the mat and.


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